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O2Safe Solutions
“Technical Gas has made my job less stressful. O2 is always in my building and service is a phone call away.”
                 Jim Falkowski
Director of Nursing
St. Joseph’s Residence
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Your Partner in Respiratory Innovation

Technical Gas Products Inc., our parent company, has been a market leader in long term respiratory care since 1993. But in 1999, when the cutting-edge technology of the O2Safe System was developed, we stepped out way ahead of the pack.  We have since Branded our company as dba, O2Safe Solutions

With our patented, state-of-the-art system, O2Safe Solutions redefined the way USP grade medical oxygen was delivered to long term care facilities. Taking an innovative approach and providing a helpful, effective response to our customers’ needs and concerns, we have become recognized as the finest service-oriented supplier and responsive business partner with dozens of sub-acute, general respiratory, rehabilitation, and convalescent facilities throughout the northeast.

And we don’t use the word “partner” loosely. We literally share in your commitment and responsibility to provide your patients with an unprecedented level of respiratory care that improves their overall quality of life. Likewise, our commitment to you is to provide full technical and clinical support while delivering substantial savings and cost-effective solutions to your facility’s oxygen needs.

Our services are comprehensive and our experiences broad, allowing us to design a program to fit your facility’s exact needs. A high degree of responsiveness, coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction, have enabled us to build lasting and rewarding relationships with each of our customers over the years. We look forward to doing the same with you.

In 1993, O2Safe Solutions redefined the way USP grade
medical oxygen was delivered to long-term care facilities.
Because most long-term care facilities can’t afford to have piped oxygen inside the building, Technical Gas Products worked long and hard to come up with the next best thing. In 1999, they succeeded... and the O2Safe System was born.
At the heart of this patented system is the O2Safe tank which allows you to store 160 gallons of pure liquid oxygen right on your premises. It guarantees you’ll have oxygen available at all times, so you’ll
no longer be faced with delays in admissions–even for high acuity patients.

The system also includes liquid oxygen base units, for use in patients’ rooms, and lightweight portable units for patients to take with them when they leave the room or facility. What’s more, they can be refilled, as needed, by members of your staff.
The O2Safe System is more efficient than traditional systems and more cost-effective as well. On average, our customers realize cost savings of up to 25% or more a year.
Innovative, patented design
Pure liquid oxygen stored right on premises
Units run cool & quiet
Energy-efficient—no electricity required
The safest way to deliver oxygen to patients
Deliveries are less frequent & non-disruptive
Units and portables can be filled by your staff
Less product loss due to evaporation
Comprehensive technical & clinical support
Efficiencies result in savings up to 25% a year.
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