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  Oxygen Concentrator  

A device that when plugged in and turned on pulls room air in through its filters and separates the oxygen from the other gases in the air and sends it to the patient.  Most concentrators have a maximum liter flow of 5lpm and deliver only 88-94% oxygen.  The higher the liter flow the less pure the oxygen percentage becomes because the concentrator has to work harder to produce the higher amount of oxygen.  Oxygen concentrators tend to be noisy, put out an extensive amount of heat, and can cost the person running it up to $40-50 per month per concentrator to run.  They require very little maintenance to operate, usually only weekly cabinet filter cleaning, but their life span is only approximately 5-10 years.




Innovative, patented design
Pure liquid oxygen stored right on premises
Units run cool & quiet
Energy-efficient—no electricity required
The safest way to deliver oxygen to patients
Deliveries are less frequent & non-disruptive
Units and portables can be filled by your staff
Less product loss due to evaporation
Comprehensive technical & clinical support
Efficiencies result in savings up to 25% a year.
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