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Tanks that are used not only in the medical industry, but in welding, food care, and other industries as well. Each type of gas that is contained within the cylinder has a specific color tank and the height/size of the tank is charactized by a letter of the alphabet. In healthcare facilities, the most commonly used are the size "E" tank of oxygen. These are most often for emergency purposes because, when outfitted with the proper regulator, they can deliver high liter flows of oxygen at a moment's notice. They are, however, heavy and bulky for patients to be mobile with and they require changing of regulators when they are empty. They cannot be easily refilled like liquid oxygen portables tanks can and they also do not last as long as liquid oxygen portables which results in the caregiver having to change them frequently. Because they have a dangerously high PSI of pressure within them they must be stored in a cart or stand and can never be freestanding. In homecare, patients will use the smaller, lighter, and easier to carry "B", "C", or "D" tanks that are outfitted with a conserving regulator which helps the tanks last much longer so the patients have the freedom to be away from their home oxygen source for a greater amount of time.




Innovative, patented design
Pure liquid oxygen stored right on premises
Units run cool & quiet
Energy-efficient—no electricity required
The safest way to deliver oxygen to patients
Deliveries are less frequent & non-disruptive
Units and portables can be filled by your staff
Less product loss due to evaporation
Comprehensive technical & clinical support
Efficiencies result in savings up to 25% a year.
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