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  CPAP Units  

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure.  CPAP machines are used most commonly with patients who have obstructive sleep apnea, but have also been used with patients who have other medical conditions such as obstructive lung disease, restrictive lung disease, or central apnea.  Patients require sleep studies or other studies, i.e. overnight oximetry or arterial blood gases to diagnose their need for a CPAP machine and to determine the proper pressure level that should be set for that particular patient.  One level of pressure is set when using a CPAP machine.






Innovative, patented design
Pure liquid oxygen stored right on premises
Units run cool & quiet
Energy-efficient—no electricity required
The safest way to deliver oxygen to patients
Deliveries are less frequent & non-disruptive
Units and portables can be filled by your staff
Less product loss due to evaporation
Comprehensive technical & clinical support
Efficiencies result in savings up to 25% a year.
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