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Ventilator Management

Caring for a patient on mechanical ventilation requires teamwork, knowledge of care goals, interventions based on evidenced based practices, patient needs, and response to therapy. Mechanical ventilation has become a common treatment, and a facility’s care teams must be knowledgeable and confident when caring for ventilator patients.

Communication among care providers is key and promotes optimal outcomes. For mechanically ventilated patients, care providers include primary care physicians, pulmonologists, hospitalists, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, and respiratory therapists.

A well-established program has a care team that will drive the following 10 Care Essentials:

  1. Care team coordinated communications
  2. Ventilator management (settings and modes)
  3. Ventilator Weaning
  4. Airway Management
  5. Assistance with assessment of pain and sedation needs
  6. Infection control
  7. Prevention of hemodynamic instability
  8. Nutritional management
  9. Education for the patient and family
  10. Enhanced Quality of Life Programing
  11. Discharge Planning

If your facility has, or is considering a ventilator management program, O2Safe Solutions can assist. We have a comprehensive guide to starting a ventilator management program that will guide you in setting up a new program or enhancing an existing program. O2Safe’s ventilator management program provides respiratory therapy bedside care around the clock, pulmonary care team coordination, equipment rental and biomed services, oxygen and pipeline service/management and program promotion to referring facilities.

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